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Meet the Team

Pastor Antonypillai Caesar
Senior Pastor

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Born in a catholic family in the coastal town of Mannar in Srilanka, Antonypillai Caesar grew up with the dream to become a football star which was his childhood passion.  As he shot up to become a school star at the national level, little did he realise that the Heavens had a different destiny for him. Before he could recognise his mother’s face, the cruel hands of death snatched her away from him leaving him to the total care of his father. His father, Joseph Antonypillai, a strict disciplinarian, chiselled his character to carve out something worthy of the family heritage.


But the axe fell on his plans, due to the sudden outbreak of civil war, forcing Caesar to flee the homeland in search of asylum in a foreign land. The flight dumped him in the busy city of London leaving him stand bewildered at the sight of his shattered dreams. As an illegal immigrant he fell into the hands of law, thus spending a couple of weeks behind bars. Even after his release odd jobs and hard life started haunting him pushing him to a point of no return.

At this juncture the caring hands of his loving eternal Father drew him closer and suddenly he discovered a bright future blossoming. The first ray of hope appeared in Summer 1987, the year Caesar received his maker as his master and future started smiling at him ever since. Lord opened door of opportunities and soon he was to graduate from the South Bank University in Maths with Computing for Management Decision, that formed a steppingstone to enter the Home office as an executive officer, later to be elevated as an Immigration Officer for UK border agency in Gatwick Airport which he holds since then.


His love for the Lord and passion for the souls moved Caesar to enter ministry as a part time worker. From a humble beginning of shepherding the lambs in the Sunday school of St. Nicholas in 1997, he has slowly moved on to the pastoring of adult congregation. His ministry that commenced in 2000, has since grown to be known as Zion Church of God in 2004.

Following his ordination in May 2008, he continues to shepherd this church as an Ordained Minister. He then pursues his B.Th. studies in Mission and Ministries at Spurgeon’s College London.


Soon after his graduation from the Open-Door Bible Institute International in 2004, he has been assigned the role of coordinator of the institute for its Scandinavian wing. Besides, he is also busy coordinating the Pastors Forum of Tamil/Sinhalese Churches in United Kingdom since January 2005.


Pastor Caesar is married to Judy who assists him in his ministry. The Pastor couple are blessed with two kids, Staefen and Hannah.



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